What we do

Ad hoc (/ad ˈhɒk/ - Latin) - made or happening only for a particular purpose or need, not planned before it happens. This is when our clients need us. We help them to tell stories of people, brands, events and anything they care about through short films, videoclips and documentaries. When there is no time, no resources but there is a great wish, we are always there.

We will provide an original script for you, as well as camera report, we will choose right film director, cameraman, and locations. We will host a casting, prepare necessary decorations and present you the whole concept.

We shoot videos in natural environment, in built decorations or in our studio with chroma key. We have a broad experience of shootings in Russia and the US. We collaborate only with leading directors and their teams.

We provide the whole range of post-production services: graphics design, montage, sound recording, colour correction, audio mixing and writing of original sound tracks. We work only with acknowledged professionals of the movie and video advertising business.