Team of Champions
Have you ever dreamt of becoming part of a big sports team? To exercise regularly, eat healthy and get rid of bad habits? If that’s the case, then our new «Team of Champions» is just for you! We brought together professional experts and star ambassadors of the World Cup 2018, who teamed up with only one goal: to help you get in shape for the main football holiday of the four years and be among the champions. Join, learn about the secrets of a healthy lifestyle, fulfill tasks from the ambassadors World Cup 2018 and win really cool prizes! See you at the training!
Maria Sharapova
A documentary about the career of the famous Russian tennis player. One of the brightest stories of the tennis world started in the US, when a young and still unknown Maria Sharapova, was noticed by the representative of a large agency, Max Eisenbad. Maria impressed everyone with her incredible concentration and will. However, it took her a lot of time and effort to get to her sensational victories and high rankings…
Running encyclopedia by Asics
Do you know, who made running an accessible sport? Who proved first that an active lifestyle is useful? And who was the first woman to participate in the official running competition? These and other interesting facts about sports, and running in particular, will be described in the first series of the Running encyclopedia by Anna Kosova, the creator of the blog about running, which is read by more than a thousand people daily - and Andrei Kozlov, professional triathlete and personal trainer.
One day with Maria Komandnaya
A series of interviews with the first Russian sports journalist on American TV Maria Komandnaya. The deepest insights about her relationships with time, her feelings about the World Cup 2018, traveling and many other personal details.
Bend it like…
A popular show with Maria Komandnaya, where a regular fan can compete with a professional football player.